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BMW Financial Services
These were some viral videos we created to help sell BMW Financial Services's new line of insurance products. Rather than spend media dollars, we created these with a self-shot feel, intending them for the web. I really got the whole family involved on this one.

To promote RadioShack's cell phone offerings, we created this series of self-shot 15-second spots. As far as I know, this is the first major TV campaign to be shot entirely on cellphones.

Trying to carve out a niche in the financial category isn't easy. E*TRADE has a great platform and a great product, but they're seriously outgunned and outspent by the big guys. These product spots showed how easy and intuitive investing can be with E*TRADE - for a whole lot less.


Americans are sick and tired of being sick and tired of crap bacon. Amen.

Nothing sounds quite like bacon. So to get mouths watering, we came up with the idea to have a micro-broadcast that played nothing but the sweet sound of bacon frying. Besides, AM static sounds kind of like bacon frying anyway.


Since inventing the fractional jet ownership business, NetJets has gone from being the only game in town to having the competition gunning for them. They needed to reassert their preeminence in the category and prove that a private jet is NOT a commodity.

To do so, we enlisted the endorsement of some of NetJets's roster of celebrities for whom nothing but NetJets will do.

NetJets Buffett/Gates Print
The two richest guys in the world just hanging out.

NetJets Roger Federer Grand Slam Campaign
Here's the TV/print I did to celebrate his record-breaking 15th major.

Capital One Bank - Small Business
Lots of bankers talk the talk, but how many of them are willing to roll of their French cuffs and get down to business with you?

The Sharper Image
The epitome of ‘80s yuppie excess and millennium germaphobia: the very expensive air purifier. These ads/pos were designed to appeal to select groups of consumers: cooks, allergy sufferers, pet owners, etc. UPDATE: Silver ADDY for the Father's Day integrated campaign 2007/2008 (not shown).

Cablevision DRTV

For Optimum Business, Cablevision wanted to help its customers take back control from the phone company. These Direct Response TV spots proved the most successful spots ever for Optimum Business, literally doubling their monthly response rate.

At KBS+P we completely redid to give it a cleaner navigation and better e-commerce experience.

I worked on Samsung’s HD lineup for years (back when nobody had even heard of HD yet). Now I’m working on Panasonic’s latest attempt to reconnect families by encouraging them to spend more time doing stuff with digital gadgets. Everything centers around the interconnectivity of the products. Shoot some pictures. Make a movie. Put the SD card in your TV and voila, you’re a family again.

Here are some ads targeting the tech savvy audience. They're intended for the real A/V geek magazines and extol the technical superiority of Panasonic Vieras. They're so advanced, they're going to redefine TV as we know it.

March Madness banners
To encourage sports fans to watch the NCAA final together, we created these rich media banners. Part of our differentiation for the Viera brand is that they're a technology product that brings people together. In an age where computers, iPods and cell phones physically isolate us from each other, we need to be reminded how much better really, actually being there with each other can be. (We shot these on green screen in one of our conference rooms. That's me in the brown shirt.)

Panasonic Famnesia

A linchpin of the Panasonic Family Time campaign was our concept of Famnesia, which we were able to slip into Wikipedia for a few glorious days. And then they kicked us off. You'd think that an encyclopedia by and for the marginally employed, they wouldn't be so diligent. (Truth be told, I love Wikipedia.)

Edward Jones
This was the new concept I developed (with my partner Melody Henderson) for Edward Jones, the 120-year-old individual investment company. In an age of the big megabank-brokerage institutions, they're one of the few investment services left that are actually on the side of the little guy. They do things much, much differently from the big boys. As our campaign explains, that's a good thing.

It was my great pleasure to have worked on BMW from 2000-2011. I honestly believe they're the all around best cars out there. But then again, I really like to drive.

When BMW unveiled its n0-cost maintenance program, my partner Joe Hom and I created this equation treatment, which became the brand concept for the next several years. It all adds up to zero.

BMW Direct MailThe following pages are from a direct mail book I created that proved how the X3 Sports Activity Vehicle wasn’t an SUV after all. UPDATE: Gold ADDY 2007/2008.

BMW Welcome Kit

So you've just spent a small fortune on a luxury automobile, feels great, doesn't it. And then you feel kind of let down. It's not because of the car, the car's great, it's just that you've finally gotten what you've always wanted and as they say, "There's something empty in a wish fulfilled."

Then this little baby shows up in the mail.

The BMW welcome kit is designed to reinforce that I-bought-the-right-car feeling. Remind you that you love it. And all that.

I created this in the style of a deluxe-edition DVD collection. Functionally, it gives the information a place to live - on your shelf amongst your leather-bound volumes of Proust and Earnest-Goes-To Movies. So shoot the lock off your wallet and buy a BMW.

BMW 1 Series Book
The all-new 1 Series is the most important launch ever for BMW in North America. To help commemorate the event, my partner Melody and I created this 134-page, leather-bound book. It contains the same VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) as the 1 Series you just bought and a certificate of authenticity. The goal is to make the book feel like a part of the car. So if you buy a used 1 Series, demand that the owner give you the book, because that's just about the only way you can get one. Another great reason not to buy a Camry with an L on the trunk.

Stand Up

The following is not for the faint of heart. After 10 years of doing all the schlocky bars and comedy clubs in New York, I have the following 14 minutes of video, a beer gut and a wife to prove for it. A lot of guys came out of it a lot worse (if at all). UPDATE: I now also have a baby to prove it.

Pop some corn and let the chuckles wash over you.(Again, it's really inappropriate, so if it says "Human Resources" anywhere on your business card, close this window NOW.)

Pips Comedy Club Documentary – Trailer
For the past five years I've been working on a documentary about America's first comedy club. It includes interviews with Woody Allen, Brett Butler, David Brenner, Colin Quinn and many others. I'm producing it with my friend and fellow comic, Joey Gay.

Five Nights in Brooklyn – Trailer
(Dir. Ed Helms)

Here's a trailer that I did with my writing partner Joey Gay to help promote one of our screenplays. If you have a few hundred thousand and a desire to become a Hollywood asshole, please contact me at the above email address.

coming soon...Mad Money

In 2005 I was on Jim Cramer's Mad Money (MSNBC) as part of his live show.

I'm the one on the right.

Betty's Agility Training Video

My mother and my dog, Betty, went to agility school together. Let's just say it was a qualified success.


Beaver Creek, April. The best spring they'd had in years.

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